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  • How To Pet A Cat Book front cover
  • Pattern of illustrated cats in inside cover of How To Pet A Cat book
  • Inse of cat book with two cats laying down
  • How To Pet A Cat book with woman petting the belly of a cat
  • Illustrated cat expressions inside of How To Pet A Cat book
  • Back cover of How To Pet A Cat book by Angela Staehling
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Angela Staehling

How to Pet a Cat Book

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How to Pet a Cat has easy-to-follow instructions and helpful diagrams to teach you how—and how not—to illicit approving purrs, mews, and chirps from your cat. From “The Booty Lift Pet” to the “I Need That Catnip on My Desk Yesterday Pet,” learn over 20 tips and tricks to be the person your cat wants you to be. With bonus insights into cat sounds, body language, and more—as well as charming, full-color illustrations—this fun, lighthearted book will delight cat lovers of all kinds!

How to Pet a Cat is perfect for:
• Cat lovers
• Holiday and birthday gift shoppers
• Those looking for a silly pick-me-up and something cute

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• Hardcover
• 80 pages
• 6 x 6 inches