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Bringing happy colors to all things travel, nature, & those furry friends we call cats.


Hi! I’m Angela

COME ON IN, TAKE A SEAT — I'LL MAKE THE DANDELION TEA. Here’s a list of some things I love: travel, biking, community gardens, cats (duh!), and making art that brings people joy!

Really, there’s nothing more exciting to me than plopping down after a morning cycle, grabbing a sharp pencil and a blank piece of paper, and dreaming up my next collection. 

Because every logo design, dinnerware set, magazine spread, or custom painting has a story to tell. And I want to make sure it’s told in the most inspiring, entertaining, and fun way possible!


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How to Pet a Cat book written and illustrated by Angela Staehling

Now Available

Cats have quite a few opinions, but with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful diagrams, this book will teach you how—and how not—to elicit approving purrs, mews, and chirps.

  • Tauck Luxury Travel

    Writer and illustrator Angela Staehling found her artistic inspiration with us this past April aboard Heart of the Danube: Bavaria to Budapest

  • St. Louis Fox 2 News Interview on How to Pet a Cat

    FOX2 Now - St. Louis TV

    Local author gives tutorial on how to properly pet a cat. Author Angela Staehling explains the do’s and dont’s of petting cats. Watch here.

  • St. Louis National Paublic Radio interviews Angela Staehling

    NPR - St. Louis Public Radio

    St. Louis author shares tips on ‘How to Pet a Cat’ — with Sarah Fenske of St. Louis Public Radio. Listen here.

  • NPR - East End to Westchester

    Angela Staehling talks about her inspiration for writing and illustrating the charming yet practical guide How to Pet a Cat on Dog Talk®(and Kitties Too!). Listen here.

  • artist-graphic-self-portrait


    Spill all the deets on your goals, favorite illustration style, and time frame. We’ll work together to create a game plan that fits your needs.

  • sketch-graphic


    I’ll provide sketches and progress photos throughout your commission to guarantee you’re 100% happy with your new, totally unique piece of art. Plus, you’ll get to see little tastes of it as it grows into a happy painting.

  • sketch-of-eiffel-tower


    Share your beautiful art with the world. Gift it to a friend, hang it above your toilet, or let your cat have it — it’s all up to you now.

  • Wisconsin-gifts-pillows-stationery-bags

    PGA Ryder Cup Player Gifts — 2021

    Collaboration with Nicki and Steve Stricker, Professional Golfer & PGA Ryder Cup Captain in Kohler, Wisconsin.

  • how-to-pet-a-cat-book-by-Angela-Staehling

    How To Pet a Cat Book

    Collaboration with Olivia Roberts, Editor at Chronicle Books, to illustrate and write a fun guide to petting cats.

  • editorial-artwork-for-midwest-living-magazine

    Midwest Living Magazine

    Collaboration with Mary-Beth Rouse, Creative Director at Midwest Living Magazine, to illustrate a feature article.