Yours, exclusively – so it better be good!

Custom art is a total reflection of you, as it should be. So naturally, you deserve top-notch quality. Think of me as your personal stylist. We wouldn’t leave the room until you looked drop-dead gorgeous—why shouldn’t your art be the same?  

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  • Looks Matter

    First impressions count. Some say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we still do. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! But I can make your cover the best one around.

  • On Time

    You’ve got places to go, people to see. I’ll make sure your art is at your side when you need it–or before! No one wants to sweat the details last minute. You need to look stellar, head to toe, come launch day!

  • Style Guide

    Selecting illustration styles can be downright daunting. I'll help you hone in on the perfect design style that best suits you or your brand. The good news is, I’m an artist of many different styles. We’ll curate the best look, tailor-made to make you sparkle.

I know how frustrating it feels

to not get the custom art you signed up for. No one likes surprises (er, bad surprises). But I won’t rest until you walk away all smiles, beaming with excitement because you’re rockin' the best artwork in town.

Let's Collaborate
  • wisconsin-coffee-mug-glass-and-coasters-by-Angela-Staehling

    Nicki and Steve Stricker, Professional Golfer & PGA Ryder Cup Captain

    “Angela went above and beyond to design some of the players' gifts for the PGA Ryder Cup at Whistling Straights, Wisconsin. As hosts of the U.S. Team, we wanted to gift something unique that highlighted the region. Angela designed such a beautiful range of products that it was hard to narrow down our favorites!”

  • how-to-pet-a-cat-book-by-Angela-Staehling

    Olivia Roberts, Editor at Chronicle Books

    “Angela is such a delight! Thoughtful, collaborative, fun—she’s an absolute dream to work with. While working on How to Pet a Cat, she was very receptive to feedback and was always able to implement any requested changes so perfectly, it was as if we shared a brain! I can’t wait for our next book together!”

  • editorial-artwork-for-midwest-living-magazine

    Mary-Beth Rouse, Midwest Living Magazine

    “Angela was a pleasure to work with and she was able to understand our editorial process. Her attention to detail, deadline-driven, and quick responses made the collaboration effortless. She truly brought our printed story to life and was thoughtful with every decision. When her talent is mixed with a passion for the subject, she creates magic!”

    “Our readers want more—we're looking for the next perfect project we can join forces on with her for the magazine!”

  • pet-portraits-of-dog-and bird-by-angela-staehling

    Sandi Morris, U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist for Pole Vault

    “I can’t speak highly enough of Angela and her work. I came across her art while scrolling through Instagram, and was immediately struck by her unique style. I am absolutely obsessed with the three pet portraits she painted for me! Her choice of colors is my favorite part and I’m glad I gave her the freedom to paint them how her mind's eye saw them. The shades of yellow, pink and aqua pastels make me want to put on a sundress and dance in a field of flowers! I will cherish my pet paintings for the rest of my life!˝


How it works

  • artist-graphic-self-portrait

    1) Tell Me About Your Project

    We’ll discuss your goals, illustration styles, and time frame.

  • sketch-graphic

    2) Sketch Time

    I’ll provide sketches and progress photos throughout your commission to guarantee you’re 100% happy with the artwork.

  • sketch-of-eiffel-tower

    3) Showtime

    Share your beautiful art with the world!


Research + planning

Once you’ve shared your illustration goals with me and are ready to hit the ground running, I’ll curate some dreamy color palettes and style boards to help set the perfect tone for your project. We’ll sift through all the inspiring choices, and nail down the one that speaks best to your aesthetic.

Lets Go

Design development

I’ll dive straight in and start developing sketches to give us a basic framework. We’ll keep them loose and brainstormy, so we can easily make any adjustments. Think of the design development (or sketch phase) like drafting a blue print for your house. We need to spend time creating this foundation to make sure we get things right, so we have little to few changes later on. This will save us time and you money. Rest assured, you will get plenty of progress photos along the way.

Ready to Collaborate

Implementation + production

At this point, I am wrapping up your illustrations and making any remaining tweaks to the final artwork. Depending on your scope of work, I will provide you with digital files, products, or original art. I will make sure you are 110% satisfied with your custom artwork. Nothing excites me more than delivering final art to you that makes you say, “Ahh! I’m so glad I did this!” 

Let's Collaborate

All of this sound good to you?

Let's Collaborate
  • Illustration Fees

    Illustration fees vary depending on the scope of work. Things to consider that affect price are the complexity (amount of detail) of the artwork, the number of illustrations, the amount of revisions, and the usage rights.

  • Usage Rights

    Additional fees apply for any artwork that is used for logos, advertising, product identity, or resale on any product.