How To Choose the Perfect Business Name

How To Choose the Perfect Business Name

Choosing a name for your art business is an important step when you’re establishing your brand. It’s going to be your calling card and hopefully set you apart from the competition. So it can feel like a huge deal to get it “right.”. And therein lies the problem. Hello, creative coma!

If you’re finding it overwhelming to decide on a business name I’m guessing that you’re probably feeling stuck and not moving forward with your art licensing business. Because this piece of the puzzle feels like it needs to get solved first.

But don’t worry, it’s a “perfectionist” stumbling block for many, many people – in every industry:  ‘If I don’t pick the greatest business name, I can’t possibly succeed.’ 

Well, I’m here to blow that idea up, help you brainstorm some ideas, and move on. 

So, embracing the fact that there is no such thing as the perfect name, let’s play!

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Define Your Brand Essence:

Consider what sets your art biz apart and the emotions you want to evoke. Are you aiming for a professional, sophisticated feel, or something fun and cutesy? This is going to affect the tone of your brand name. 

Brainstorm Words:

Make a list of words and terms that come to mind when you think about your art style or dream company. Both a dictionary and a thesaurus are fantastic tools here. Search for fun words or use a thesaurus to turn a mundane word into one with more flair. You could also look up the word in another language.

Play With Your Own Name:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with straight out using your own name as your brand. Umm,… prime example right here in front of you! And it’s never done me any harm lol. Or, you could play with your name and twist it into a new variant – as Oprah did with her production company “Harpo.”

Favorite Things:

Find inspo in things you love – flowers, animals, vacation destinations, foods, colors, and your kids' names (I know many companies who’ve used their kids’ names) Even your mother or grandmother’s name.

Get Creative:

Now it's time to get creative. Play around with the words and terms you've gathered and experiment with word combinations and variations. Dapple in metaphors, alliteration, and rhymes, or even create a new word altogether! 

Angela Staehling Logo Designs

Test or Gather Feedback:

Ask your friends and family to choose their favorite from your shortlist. As well as list any first impressions each name gives to them.  

Consider Practicalities:

Is the name easy to remember? Easy to pronounce? Easy to spell? Is it adaptable to potential business expansions down the road? 

Check for Availability:

Once you have a few faves, it's important to check their availability. Search for existing businesses, trademarks, domain names, and social media handles that may already be using that name, especially in your industry.

Trust Your Instincts:

Remember how there’s no such thing as the perfect name? Now it’s time to let it all go and just choose something. This isn’t rocket science and you aren’t going to blow up any spaceships if you decide you don’t like it in a year's time. 

I talk all the time about how in this career you’ll constantly be rebranding yourself over time. So you’re certainly allowed to change your business name if you suddenly decide you want to. You can also change your logo, your brand colors, and your entire art style. 

Now, how freeing is that?