Can Paint-By-Numbers Make You A Better Artist?

Can Paint-By-Numbers Make You A Better Artist?

Okay, so I have a thought-provoking question for you. Do you think a paint-by-number kit can help you become a better artist? (You know the drill – you get a canvas of shapes and numbers, match the numbers to paint colors, carefully fill it in, and presto, a pretty painting.)

Now, your initial musings might be – “Ah…Seriously? How does a paint-by-number teach you to choose colors for yourself? Or, how much area to cover with a selected color? Or even basic composition?” All fair points.

But, perhaps we’re focusing on the wrong angle here. Not many people stop to think about how a paint-by-number canvas might help them develop better painting skills. 

Santorini Paint by number

Regardless of whether you consciously think about the process while painting by number, it’s actually pushing you to paint with new colors in designated areas. By having colors and shapes already selected for you, you gain a new perspective on how you “could” complete a painting – with the confidence of knowing that the final product will look great.

Yes, the process of painting – choosing colors and deciding where and what to paint – has been decided for you, but paint-by-number encourages you to finish your painting. Too often, people quit creating because they don’t know what steps to take next, they’re afraid of making a mistake, and so they lose the confidence to keep going. 

It’s easy to think that paint-by-number is somehow cheating or more appropriate for your 10-year-old niece. Perhaps you’re concerned that one can’t accurately learn where to add highlight and shadow, or what colors complement one another. 

Santorini flowers paint by number

But if you dig deeper, you might just notice that the painter (maybe that’s you?) discovered that certain colors came together in ways they never imagined before. Annnddd… gained the ounce of confidence they needed to Keep. On. Going. on their artistic journey. 

What could be better than that?

I only hope that next time you see a paint-by-number set, you might think twice about what it has to offer (as well as how fun they are for Paint + Sip nights!)

Oh, hang on! Lucky you! I’ve got a few more paint-by-number kits left in my shop. If you’ve got a creative itch to scratch, or need a gift for someone special, go get ‘em while they last! 

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